JHMG Horizontal Door and Jackshaft Door Operator

Heavy Duty Industrial Door Applications

This medium to heavy duty operator is designed for use for cold storage and food facility applications on commercial or Industrial horizontal door applications. Its unique capability ensures positive closure on those difficult seals. Standard control panel is NEMA 4. NEMA 1 control panel is also available.

Each operator is capable of operating at voltages from 115, 208, 230, 460 or 575 VAC single phase, 3 phase multi- voltage transformer

JHMG Programmable Speed


 Features and options - general:

  • Separate Operator and Controller Panel for mounting flexibility
  • All types of doors with models programmable to operate at 8 to over 60"/sec
  • Closed loop control motion profile technology
  • Individual, programmable open and close speeds, with controlled acceleration   and deceleration for smooth, soft start and soft stop motion profiles
  • Obstruction sensing with programmable threshold level
  • Interlock capability with security system
  • chain/sprocket coupling or direct coupling to driven shaft
  • Every model is rated for high usage and high reliability at 240 cycles/hr, over  
  • All GDI operators can be powered by 115, 208, 230, 460, 575 VAC at 60Hz
  • All GDI operators have battery backup capability


Door Weight and Door Balancing Requirements: The JHMG operators can work with doors having significant out of balance weights. This can help ensure that the door can continue to operate over an extended period of time due to changes in spring strength, door weights (due to moisture, etc.) or even changes in the friction of the hardware..