ULTRA LOW head room Trolley operator

Gates and Doors Inc.’s New JDMG Operator with Trolley add on, only requires an ultra-Low 4¾” Headroom in Trolley Applications.

GDI is pleased to introduce its new JDMG Trolley operator as the latest addition to its door and gate operator portfolio.

When installed JDMG operator with the Trolley add on requires just 4 ¾ inches of headroom.

This compact unit is capable of operating any balanced door weighing up to 1500 lb. whether in a Standard, Low-Headroom, High-Lift or Vertical-Lift configuration.

Every JDMG operator effectively covers the vast majority of vertical door applications with multiple voltage capability, from 115 through to 575VAC, 50/60Hz, single- and three-phase systems.

N!-JDMG trolley configuration_light in correct positionThe JDMG is a high-cycle operator rated for 3,200 cycles/day. The standard unit is for NEMA1 environments and can also be ordered for NEMA4 environments.

JDMG operators have adjustable door speeds ranging from 7 inches/second to 20 inches/second.

The new 40-Day PositionTrack™ is a built-in feature that tracks and remembers door positions, even if the unit is without AC power for up to 40days enabling a door to start with normal operation immediately on return of AC power.

With its quiet soft-start and soft stop operation, the JDMG operator is particularly suitable for condominium, apartment and office instal-lations because it eliminates transmission of objectionable noise into he suites above the door system.

In addition, the JDMG operator offers a variety of options that were developed to minimize potential downtime and ensure the safety of employees, vehicles and products. For example, the battery backup feature keeps the unit operational in the event of power interruption, while the emergency chain hoist enables manual operation when necessary.

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